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ADF Problems

If AIAB fails to install properly, after you have inserted the Workbench ADF, its more than likey that the problem is down to:

1. - Using a six disk set

When Commodore/Amiga bundled Workbench 3.0/3.1 with the A1200 (and to a lesser extent the A4000.....which I believe had an extra disk, but lets not confuse the issue) it came as a six disk suite, with floppies labelled:

  • Install - Used to "prep" (setup) Harddrives, and install Workbench.
  • Workbench - The main disk, which basically did all the work.
  • Locale - A foreign languages disk, for changing the default language of programmes.
  • Extras - Required for some programmes, this disk contained the preferences utilities.
  • Fonts - A small selection of extra bitmap and scalable 'intelli' fonts.
  • Storage - Used to 'Store' drivers and other devices....however Im sure most people used it as a save game disk.
Anyway, to use AIAB you only need the "Workbench" disk. Therefore, if you have a set of ADFs, (named WB31_1.adf, WB31_2.adf, WB31_3.adf etc.) Try inserting the second disk of the set when prompted, which ought to be the correct one. However, if, after a reboot, AIAB still pops-up asking for a disk to be inserted, its possible that you didnt pick the right ADF. So, try another ADF from the set....and keep on trying other ADFs if AIAB still doenst boot.

2. - Using a 'bodged' Workbench ADF

When UAE became popular, there was a frantic rush to put badly made Workbench ADFs on emulation sites. Instead of transfering the official Workbench 3.0/3.1 ADF, several would-be Amiga freaks created "custom" versions, deleting most libraries and system files in order to make way for other utilities, and games. Suffice to say, such ADFs will not work properly with AIAB.