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AIAB Languages Pack - 0.7mb download

Don't speak English as a first language? Wish you could change all the text in AIAB to French, German, or your mother tongue? Well, with the brand new AIAB Languages pack, you can! Never again will you have to keep an English translation dictionary on the side of your desk, or ring up your uncle to ask what 'library' means ;) Thats right peeps - the long awaited AIAB Language pack is available now, adding much requested multi-lingualism to AIAB!

But heres the catch - you have to do a bit of setting up first.....Don't despair, its easy, and to be perfectly honest, doesnt warrant me adding this extra page to the site, but in the age of spoon-fed simplicity, some people might find it usefull. Anyway, just follow the steps below, and you cant really go wrong ;)

Step 1 - "Get it going...."

Load WinUAE....tough, huh?
  • Extract AIAB-Language.zip to your wherever the WinUAE folder is, eg: C:\Program Files\
  • Load WinUAE, and click Okay or whatever you have to do to launch the emulation 'proper'.
  • Eventually you'll get to the Workbench. Notice how you've got a new icon in the top corner!
  • Double click the new icon....you could've guessed that bit really, couldn't you.....

  • Step 2 - "Clear 'em!"

    click the 'Clear Languages' button
    From the resulting GUI, click 'Clear Languages'.

    Step 3 - "Slect-yer-langwich"

    Select your country and language
    Now select your country from the large 'Country' list.

    Then click one of the languages in the 'Language' box.

    Locale uses a 'fall-back' method to display languages, meaning if the translation files for one programme dont exist, it will go down the 'Prefered Languages' list until it finds something. Therefore, if you can speak any other languages, add them to this list.

    Click 'Save' and if all goes to plan, the AIAB setup will be translated to your language!

    Just to prove it can be done, (and that Im not xenophobic...) heres a fully translated German AIAB setup.

    Hurrah!  Its a German AIAB setup!

    - Its now possible to even change the keyboard layout used in AIAB! Read on to find out how.....

    Step 4 - "Input!"

    Load the Input preferences programme
  • Double-click the "Workbench" harddrive icon....
  • ...then the "Prefs" folder...
  • ...and finally load the "Input" programme.
  • Select you're desired keyboard layout
  • Select the language you chose earlier (if its there)....
  • ...then click 'Save', or 'Speichern', or whatever!