AmigaInABox, is the essential download for all UAE freaks. To be brief, it is a 'snapshot' of my current Workbench setup on UAE. This isnt just any old 'snapshot' however, the archive has been painstakingly setup for immediate use - the main zipfile extracts into its own directories, requiring just a Kickstart Rom, and the WinUAE exectuable to run (oh come on, kickstart 3.0/3.1 roms arent that hard to get hold of! Theres Cloanto's "AmigaForever" for a start!

For most UAE users the Amiga OS can be pretty daunting (and ugly). There is help on how to get everything working, provided you can be bothered to follow the twenty-odd links looking for it. You could try asking on an Amiga emulation discussion board, or even an #amiga IRC channel, but they'll either ignore you, or say "Get it off Aminet..." which isnt much help, since you probably dont know what Aminet is, let alone the url for it! (try here though)

Well, with AmigaInABox (AIAB) you can kiss all these knightmares away, practically everything you could ever need is here - already pre-configured; MUI, Picasso96, Newicons, MagicMenu - even internet utilities! Prepare to delete all those wierdly named LHA archives, ADF disks, and so-called Workbench UAE "tutorials", and make room for just one easy zip; this is *real* Amiga emulation, as good as it gets - this is an AmigaInABox

Just some of the essential utilites setup in AIAB

Take a look at what people think - they cant all be wrong!

"UAE has always been hard to understand to someone who never seen an real amiga. I KNEW that the amigas should be much more powerful than what I was experiencing using UAE, so now, a year later I am finally introduced to the amiga GUI. Cool !!! "

"THANK YOU! I was thrilled to use Amigainabox and am VERY impressed with all that you've done. It's nice to be on an Amiga again.... "

"I downloaded Aiab, and it's absolut fantastic what you did there. I was an Amiga user for nearly 8 years, but changed over to the PC a few years ago. Seeing this emulation running on my machine was really fascinating... "

"What I really liked about AIAB was the pre-made sys, work (apps) and games volumes. I have Amiga Forever & While I think my setup is nice, yours enlightened me to some new utilities that I had never considered before... NewIcons and MCP to name a few..... "

"Great package, works like a charm on my PII 400. "

"It's a great package though! I think it's excellent that people now are able to download your AIAB and get their AMiGA up and running on their PC's. As long as you're not really into using you'r AMiGA seriously it's really a great alternative since so much seems to work just fine. "

This is just a small selection of mails I recieve, cut'n'pasted. Thanks to all those people who have sent praise, ideas, and best wishes - I cant believe how popular AIAB has been!