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The following article has been taken from 'Music World' magazine

BGO confirm 'AIAB Soundtrack' rumours

The music world was in a state of disbeleif today, as BGO Records announced their plans to release a tribute album to mark the 10th release of the popular AmigaInABox software package, reports Ed Harvey for Music World magazine.

BGO Records chief executive, Arthur Dining, has long been a follower of the software package, enthusing:

BGO Records chief executive, Arthur Dining "This little gem is pure gold! I remember when I first stumbled across the website, and knew straight away that AIAB was for me - I still cant believe that such a high-quality package can be produced and maintained by one person, in their spare time, and offer it for free! Its about time James received some kind of recognition for the contribution he's made to the software industry. This, [the album] is intended as a 'Thank You' to mark his work."

The album, to be titled 'Boxy but good' will be penned by BGO's in-house song-writting duo, Lithgoe and Robertson, who have in the past written tracks for such artists as 'Prefab Sprout' and 'Jonny Hates Jazz'. It is rumoured that the pair had already started on some material long before the albums inception, yet these suggestions have yet to be confirmed.

BGO-signed popsters 'SClub7' are certain to appear on the album, along with Richard Blackwood, 'H' from Steps, and Melanie Blatt of the now disbanded 'All Saints'. All artists have been given permission to perform royalty-free by their respective labels, after SClub's Rachel Cook suggested they 'should all be allowed to get together' on live TV. She told Music World's Ed Harvey how things transpired:

Rachael pleas on live TV! "I don't know what made me do it really; we were promoting a single on 'Live & Kicking', and one of the interviewers asked if we would like to work with other artists in future - I just said 'Yeah, we'd love to, but the rival record bosses would never allow it...' or something, then we heard this news that Richard Blackwood and AllSaints had been given permission to perform with us - we couldn't believe it! Now that everyone knows about the AIAB album, more and more people are coming forward, saying they want to sing or play - its gonna be great! I think Shane McGowan and Bez from 'Happy Mondays' are the latest to be added to the record, apparently they're really into the whole Amiga emulation stuff, since they used to do most of their music on computers. Its like a dream come true for me too - I cant wait to work with them, they're like my all-time heros!"

Indeed, artists appear to be clamouring over themselves to get signed up, with Dining claiming the tribute record may need to be a double album, in order to fit everyone on: "We've already got Joe Walsh dueting with Heather Small; theres that many people wanting to perform!"

'Boxy but good' is scheduled for a February 20th release, to coincide with AIAB developer, James Maurice Battle's birthday. Industry analysts are already predicting the album, which will go on sale for a special fee of just 4.99, will be an instant no.1 best seller, with Eurythmics, BoyZone, and Placebo all rumoured to be contemplating delaying their albums, so as not to hinder sales.

Ed Harvey