Gran Canaria Photos

Heres some appallingly taken (and scanned) photographs from my recent holiday in Gran Canaria! Terribly dreary for most people, I know, but...well, there might be some people out there who want to see them ;)

above-pool (1064x752, 175kb) columbus-house (1062x750, 131kb) me-in-las-palmas (1062x752, 156kb) me-on-wall (1064x754, 149kb) puerto-rico (1066x752, 157kb) rubina-in-mountains (1064x752, 127kb) the-mountains1 (1066x754, 137kb) the-mountains2 (1066x762, 126kb) mum-and-dad-back-home (1066x754, 196kb)

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