For AmigaInABox to work, you'll need...(cue the Supermarket Sweep "memory game" music)

Well, an emulator would be a pretty good start ;) A fairly recent version of UAE. The most recent; WinUAE 2.4.1, is the one currently used. It features a full GUI, bsdsocket.library emulation, (allowing WinUAE to access the net, by simply using your PCs current internet connection), and even AGA support! So, download WinUAE 2.4.1 first, then check-out the WinUAE homepage.

No, not this kickstart version....get v3.1 instead ;) A Kickstart 3.0/3.1 ROM. There appears to be much controversy surrouding these essential 512k files; Many "real" Amiga owners dislike the idea of thier Amiga's OS being emulated, and therefore hold a pretty dim view of those who request or "supply" Kickstart Roms. I will therefore not keep a kickstart ROM file on this site, nor link to one. Why not try Amiga Forever from Cloanto, its the cheapest, and easiest way of emulating an Amiga - legally.
A Workbench 3.0/3.1 ADF disk image is now also required.

Hi, Im Alan Partridge & I use AmigaInABox A fast-ish PC. When using WinUAE, its easy to forget that its actually a port, and not a native, x86 emulator. UAE is essentially coded in C, to allow almost any OS to run one of the many ports. Ironically, its even possible to run UAE on a native Amiga! (the words "object" and "defeats the" immeditately spring to mind...) Anyway, my humble Duron 600 will run WinUAE pretty nicely when emulating most games, and applications. Lucky 1ghz+ owners claim a combination of WinUAE & AIAB to be "better than Windows", although I couldnt possibly comment on whether or not this is true.....;))

Well, thats it! This is all you need to start emulating *the* best computer of the late 80s and early 90s. You might aswell delete the several LHA archives collected en-route to this site, (but never really knew what to do with...) since with AmigaInABox these are all made reduntant, in favour of just a small 4mb zip, it really is as simple as that!