You've probably just read what AmigaInABox is all about. Now ill try and outline in a little more detail exactly what you can expect to find with the main AmigaInABox archive, and the many "upgrades". Everything can be downloaded here, or from the downloads area.

AIAB r10.6 - 4.0mb download installer | download zip | Installation help

This is the main archive. Since version 1.06, any illegal files have been deleted, unfortunately this means MUI works, but doesnt look as pretty, and Directory Opus is nowhere to be seen. However, this allows even the strictest of emulation nuts to download AIAB; as there are no longer *any* unforseen queries regarding piracy. This archive is basically the guts of AIAB - without it you will have problems using the other software, becasue necessary drivers, libraries, system files and assigns will be missing - and because of this I release "patches" to improve and fix any problems. The screenshot below shows of the great programmes you'll find, such as:
  • Scalos - a wonderful Workbench 'replacment'
  • MUI 3.8 - easily the nicest GUI of *any* OS
  • Picasso96 2.1 - setup for a 800x600 16bit Workbench
  • Newicons 4 - utilising the unique ProIcons set.
  • Visual Prefs - for easy customisation of the Amigas GUI
  • MCP - an incredible system friendly 'improver'
  • MUI-fied replacements - 85% of prefs & system tools
  • ScreenTab - an intuitive Win95 style menu system
  • Why not Read the AIAB installation help whilst downloading?

    Do this with AmigaInABox!

    Download background image

    AIAB Languages Pack - 0.8mb download | Changing Languages

    Using AIAB is a piece of cake if you come from the Australia, the UK or the US, but what happens if you don't speak English as a first language? If only you could change all the text in AIAB to French, German, or your mother tongue? Well, with the brand new AIAB Languages pack, you can! Never again will you have to keep an English translation dictionary on the side of your desk, or ring up your uncle to ask what 'library' means ;) Thats right peeps - the long awaited AIAB Language pack is available now, adding much requested multi-lingualism to AIAB!

    Make sure you Read how to change languages whilst downloading!

    A fully German AIAB setup - easy with AIAB-Languages!

    AIAB Music - 1.2mb download

    AIAB-Music contains a small collection of the best music tools available for the Amiga. In the archive you'll find great utilities such as Exotic Ripper, Eagle Player, and the legendary Octamed, all coded for ease-of-use, whilst remaining powerfull. Ever tried ripping music in Fellow, only to find nothing? Well, Exotic Ripper has the power to rip hundreds of music formats - not just basic protracker mods, and combined with Eagle Player converting/playing your favourite tunes need not be a problem. Take a look at the screenshot - you'll see how after playing the superb Apidya, ive simply loaded Exotic Ripper grabbed the music, and am listening to it perfectly with Eagle Player - its so easy with AIAB! Load the game, rip the music, and listen in your own time

    AIAB Internet - 1.6mb download

    AIAB-Internet contains a small collection of the best internet tools available for the Amiga. In the archive you'll find arguably the best IRC and FTP clients on any platform - AmIRC and mFTP, aswell as the fast, powerfull WWW browser, Voyager 3. Believe it or not, many PC owners still prefer to emulate AmIRC in WinUAE than native Windows tools like PiRCH or MiRC,basically becasue the Amiga client just "feels" so much nicer. So why not download this package and experience the internet outside the world of Microsoft? It may not feature Java, RealAudio or the many other resource-hungry niceties that we take foregranted, but its probably so much more enjoyable!

    AIAB - It puts the 'fun' back into the net ;)

    Browse the web, FTP and chat on IRC all with AIAB Internet

    AIAB ShapeShifter - 0.2mb download

    NOTE: This is a *very* old 'add-on', thats not garunteed to work with newer AIAB releases!

    Several people have expressed an interest in the possibility of emlation inside emulation, confused? Dont worry - just imagine your PC thinking its an Amiga, whilst also pretending to be a MAC - sounds complicated? Well, it can be, but I hope this upgrade makes things a little easier ;) In this update youll find the best MAC emulator on any machine - "ShapeShifter", not only is it the most compatible of MAC emulators, its also absolutely free! I have also tweaked a few settings for easy-starting, just click a few icons and you ought to be experiencing the "Friendliest OS ever made!" (where else do you get classic error requestors stating 'There was an error because there was an error'! The screengrab below ought to give an idea of how good a WinUAE + Shapeshifter combo can be!

    This archive does not contain everything you need however (its only small afterall...) Any MAC emulator requires a MAC rom, and some form of hardfile which contains MacOS. Please dont email me requesting to send either - I dont have the time, nor money to help! However, heres a couple of great sites devoted to MAC emulation, which (as a bonus), features an 8mb archive containing MacOS - so youre half way there already really.... ;) Anyway, give this page a whirl....

    Its a PC...its an Amiga, and now its a MAC! (okay, I cheated with the grab....but so what ;))

    | Some info on HD-Installed Games

    Amiga In A Box is not just about using the Amiga's OS; Its also an ideal platform for playing all those classic games, which you thought would never run. The games below have been fixed to work flawlessly on WinUAE, and can be played by simply double-clicking the lovely home-made newicons. If you know of a game which is incompatible with UAE, and would like to play it prefectly, just let me know, and Ill see what I can do. ;) However, please remember that this is a legal legal site, so unfortunately, I can only upload a game if I receive permission to use it from the developers.

    NOTE: These games are not ADFs, but custom made datafiles - & therefore cannot be re-used in Fellow as ADFs!

    Games upgrade: HD Pinball Dreams - 1.2mb download | download music

    Pinball Dreams saw the pinball genre take a new direction, and established Digital Illusions as a force to be reckoned with amongst the Amiga big-boys. Before 'Dreams, practically every pinball-related game was a sluggish, single-screen affair. So its hardly a surprise that the vibrant graphics, super-smooth scrolling, jaw-dropping soundFX, and ultra-realistic ball movement pulled in the punters. Some claim Commodore's tactic of bundling Pinball Dreams with A600's was responsible for the sudden sales leap. Either way, this game is a classic - grab it now and you'll soon see why!

    Thanks to Digital Illusions for letting me use this game.

    Spledid eight-player fun, on just one machine.

    As a bonus, the game's titlescreen and menu music is also available to download. Simply unzip the archive, play using WinAMP, and sit back in amazement at Olof Gustafsson's four-channel masterpiece - testament to the quality of Amiga games in the early 90's.

    Games upgrade: HD Mega Lo Mania - 1.1mb download | Game Manual

    MegaLoMania is widely regarded (by me...and many others), as one of the most fun strategy games ever made. Combining stylised graphics, atmospheric music, hilarious speech, and superb playability, this classic has kept both fans and non-fans of the genre glued to thier seats for hours. The game itself has been on and off this server more times than Dennis Wise, but now its got married, calmed down, and plans to settle on the AIAB site - permanently! - I hope you appreciate it, me'luvlies!

    Thanks to Ubisoft for this game.

    Beast, magnificent puzzly-platform action

    If you've never played the game before, you'll probably struggle to figure out whats going on. If this is the case, click the link above and read the manual whilst downloading.

    Games upgrade: HD Shadow Of The Beast - 1.3mb download

    Beast is still regarded as one of the best Psygnosis games ever made. Combining stylish grpahics, smooth, multi-layered parallax scrolling and a flowing soundtrack, the subtle blend of platform and puzzle action kept millions of gamers going. Yet today, ten years after it was first released, the gameplay is still as fresh as ever, highlighting the originality and innovation that has become a Psygnosis trademark. This upgrade features the usual quit-to-Workbench option, aswell as an energy-trainer, and even a comprehensive guide to help you through the tricky bits. - Have fun!

    Thanks to Pysgnosis for hopefully not kicking-up too much of a fuss over me putting this game online

    Beast, magnificent puzzly-platform action

    Games upgrade: HD Walker - 2.0mb download

    Walker, a futuristic action-packed sideways scrolling shooter by the great team of DMA Design, and Pysgnosis. This is another one of those classic "unemulatable" games, with neither WinUAE nor Fellow being able to make it past the title screen. Well, wave those days farwell - this version of Walker works flawlessly, with ultra fast loading (the original was a pain to play off floppy), *full* speech, & a convenient F10 quit key. Why not try a two player game, with one person on mouse, the other on keys ;) Enjoy!
    Thanks to Pysgnosis for letting me use these game
    Walker, the classic shoot-em-up, working on WinUAE!

    Games upgrade: HD Lotus Trilogy - 2.9mb download

    Lotus was *the* benchmark racing game of the early nineties, even today its still as playable as ever. In this upgrade you will find all three Lotus games which made up the Lotus Trilogy. People have reported various success rates with UAE and Fellow, so I decided to put together a pack that works perfectly,everytime. When you next see your mates for a Quake linkup, why not re-live the good 'ol days - with Lotus II and its unbeatable 4 player racing, over a serial cable, then just sit back, and soak up the nostalgia....ahhh. ;)
    Thanks to Gremlin for letting me use these game
    Lotus Trilogy, classic 1, 2, 3 or 4 player racing action!

    Games upgrade: HD Unreal - 2.5mb download

    Unreal, was arguably one of the most impressive Amiga games of the late eighties, published by the now huge UbiSoft, it combined jaw-dropping graphics, beautiful music and a whole 1mb of sound-FX - put simply, the game was a masterpiece. Unreal highlighted the amazing hardware trickery Amigas were capable of, and for this reason was thought un-emulatable. (Un)surprisingly Ive managed to get this classic working perfectly, although you'll need a pretty meaty CPU to handle the complex copper fades at a silky 24fps....
    Thanks to UbiSoft for letting me use this game
    Unreal; they said it wasnt possible on UAE - they were wrong

    Games upgrade: HD Leander - 2.3mb download

    Leander was the perfect answer to the Amigas many critics. Released in the early nineties, (when MegaDrives (Genesis) and SuperNES' were deemed more powerful, since they could "do" smooth scrolling platformers.) this pretty platformer soon shut them up; good to look at, great to listen to, and bursting with typical Pysgnosis playability. Despite appearing to work perfectly, Leander cannot be played, as collision detection is missing, whether this can be fixed, or is just a trait of WinUAE I cant! ;((
    Thanks to Pysgnosis for letting me use these game
    Leander - one of the prettiest Amiga platformers to date

    Games upgrade: HD Hybris - 0.6mb download

    Hybris appears to be before my time ;) but those people who have requested it as an upgrade, have all commented its fast and frentic action, smooth scrolling, nice graphics and general feel, & I have to say, that from playing Hybris I agree with them! This shooter is a perfect example of the Amigas technical superiority in the 80s - other computers "doing the rounds" just couldn't match its games, which were years ahead, in terms of graphics, sound and gameplay. Hybris - the granddad of shoot'em ups ;)

    Games upgrade: HD SWOS - 1.5mb

    SWOS would be argued by many, as being the best football game on any format - these people I would say "NOOOOOO! SWOS is the best football game on any format - ever, why argue about it, its obvious!" You see, SWOS is my all time favourite game, it would be the only reason for me buying another Amiga; simply to use my 'whipping stick' (joystick). Why bother with Fifa's hi-spec, lo-fun 3D nonsense, when you can emulate the real thing? SWOS - 'We beat the scum 2-1....' etc ;)

    Games upgrade: HD Jumping Jackson - 0.5mb download

    Jumping Jackson was the fave game of my early-Amiga life. It had pretty nice graphics, and addictive gameplay, but the best part was the music - from the RollingStones titlescreen rip-off to the rest of the in-game tunes, it sounded great, and suffice to say, made an instant addition to my "Favourite Computer Game Music" tape ;) (which im sure everyone had....) Anyway, WinUAE & Fellow had some loading, sound/speed problems, so heres a fixed version, I hope you like it. Happy nostalgia-reliving! ;))

    Thanks to Infogrames for letting me use this game

    Jumping Jackson - essentially an 'air-guitarists' game

    Games upgrade: HD Agony - 2.0mb download

    Agony was one of the first games I was *really* impressed by. Many "toilet-seat hours" were spent with a copy of AmigaPower rested upon my thigh, gawping at the lovely screenshots. A close second to Apydia (coming soon to AIAB?) Agony bore several idiosyncracies with Unreal; hardware trickery bettering Yoshi's Island made this one a git to emulate - until now ;) Highly requested as an AIAB HD-Games upgrade, here it is working perfectly under WinUAE - I hope you enjoy it!

    Thanks to Pysgnosis for letting me use these game

    Agony - great to play, better to look at...or should that be the other way round?

    Games upgrade: HD Apidya - 1.5mb download

    Apidya was, and still is the best Amiga shoot'em-up. Amiga Power, had the job of reviewing this, aswell as Agony, and even ProjectX in the same issue, yet still rated this gem highest. Colourfull, detailed graphics, combined with superb music and soundFX made this smooth scroller delicious to look and and listen to, yet the real guts of the game has to be its "one-more-go" playability - its certainly not easy, but clever use of powerups and a cool joypad-thumb will get you through it. Previously only playable using cracked ADFs in Fellow, this classic is fixed for UAE. Happy playing!

    Thanks to BlueByte and UbiSoft for letting me use this game

    Apidya - Sounds great, looks nice, plays well....what more can I say? ;)

    Games upgrade: HD Flood - 0.4mb download

    Flood is very wierd - made at a time when BullFrog were just a small Dudley based programming group, you sometimes wonder if the boys were feeling 100% when this was dreamed up ;) None-the-less, its a classic game, mixing humour, platform and puzzle elements. I remember almost wetting myself when I first saw the ending - no doubt you will too, if you play long enough ;) Flood suffered problems playing with Fellow, but as always this fixed version behaves perfectly under UAE. Have Fun! Flood - Someone must have been pretty stoned when they thought of this... ;)

    More Games

    These are games that I have yet to write a little snipet for, or take a screenshot of:
    Filename Size Description Info 1.4mb Games upgrade: HD Lemmings Readme 0.2mb Games upgrade: HD International Karate Plus Readme 0.2mb Games upgrade: HD Ikari Warriors Readme 0.3mb Games upgrade: HD Stunt Car Racer Readme 0.5mb Games upgrade: HD Exile (ECS) Readme 1.0mb Games upgrade: HD Exile (AGA) Readme