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Filename Size Description Info
Uploaded 15/10/01 AIAB-r10.6.zip 5.7mb AIAB r10.6 Zip archive
Uploaded 15/10/01 AIAB-AFAOS.zip 0.3mb AIAB r10.6 AFAOS Zip archive Info
r10d-update-WIP.zip 2.2mb Updates any AIABr10 to AIABr10d *beta* Info
r10c-Update.zip 1.9mb Updates any AIABr10 to AIABr10c Update
Windows (Stable)
AIAB-r10c.exe 4.1mb AIAB r10c Win95/98/NT installer Readme
AIAB-r10c.zip 4.2mb AIAB r10c Zip archive Readme
AIAB-r10c-update.zip 1.9mb Updates AIABr10b to AIABr10c Readme
Windows (Beta)
Windows (Bleeding Edge)
Uploaded 15/10/01 aiab-r10.51-wip-20120928.zip 5.6mb AIAB r10.51: AIAB r10.5 with latest rtg library
    The last updated release by Jason
aiab-20070528.zip 5.6mb AIAB r10.5 installer package
r10.5-update-20070528.zip 3.8mb Updates any AIABr10 to AIABr10.5
Linux (Stable)
AIAB-r10c.tar.gz 4.0mb AIAB r10c Tar.gz archive (Linux) Readme
Mac (Stable)
MacAIAB-r10c.sit 4.4mb AIAB r10c Sit archive (Mac) by Garry Brooke Website
MacAIAB-r10b.sit 4.4mb AIAB r10b Sit archive (Mac) by Garry Brooke Website
ACBoot755.lzx 7.7mb MacOS 7.5.5 Bootfile Website
Filename Size Description Info
AIAB-JIT.zip 0.3mb Upgrade: Adds 'JIT-driven' eye-candy [v1.2] Readme
AIAB-Languages.zip 0.8mb AIAB foreign language support [v1.2][INFO] Readme
AIAB-Internet.zip 1.6mb Apps Upgrade: Internet Tools [v1.2] Readme
AIAB-Music.zip 1.2mb Apps Upgrade: Music Tools [v1.1] Readme
AIAB-ShapeShifter.zip 0.2mb Apps Upgrade: ShapeShifter [*old*] Readme
Filename Size Description Info
AIAB-PbDreams.zip 1.2mb Games upgrade: HD Pinball Dreams Readme
AIAB-MLM.zip 1.1mb Games upgrade: HD MegaLoMania Readme
AIAB-SOTB1.zip 1.3mb Games upgrade: HD Shadow Of The Beast Readme
AIAB-Walker.zip 2.0mb Games upgrade: HD Walker Readme
AIAB-Lotus.zip 2.9mb Games upgrade: HD Lotus Trilogy Readme
AIAB-Unreal.zip 2.5mb Games upgrade: HD Unreal Readme
AIAB-Leander.zip 2.3mb Games upgrade: HD Leander Readme
AIAB-Hybris.zip 0.6mb Games upgrade: HD Hybris Readme
AIAB-SWOS.zip 1.5mb Games upgrade: HD SWOS Readme
AIAB-JJS.zip 0.5mb Games upgrade: HD Jumping Jackson Readme
AIAB-Agony.zip 2.3mb Games upgrade: HD Agony Readme
AIAB-Apidya.zip 1.5mb Games upgrade: HD Apidya Readme
AIAB-Lemmings.zip 1.4mb Games upgrade: HD Lemmings Readme
AIAB-Flood.zip 0.4mb Games upgrade: HD Flood Readme
AIAB-IK+.zip 0.2mb Games upgrade: HD International Karate Plus Readme
AIAB-Ikari.zip 0.2mb Games upgrade: HD Ikari Warriors Readme
AIAB-SCR.zip 0.3mb Games upgrade: HD Stunt Car Racer Readme
AIAB-Exile-ECS.zip 0.5mb Games upgrade: HD Exile ECS Readme
AIAB-Exile-AGA.zip 1.0mb Games upgrade: HD Exile AGA Readme
Filename Size Description Info
Tick-icons.zip 10k WinUAE & AIAB icons for the desktop Readme
WinUAE2810.zip 4.3mb WinUAE 2.8.1 released (18.06.2014) Zip Archive Website
WinUAE2410.exe 2.8mb WinUAE 2.4.1 released (09.05.2012) Website
WinUAE0821R2.exe 1.3mb WinUAE 0.8.22r3 (recommended for AIAB)
WinUAE0817R3.exe 1.4mb WinUAE 0.8.17r3 [JIT] (recommended for AIAB)
WinUAE.chm - [english] 0.4mb WinUAE helpfile (copy to WinUAE folder) Readme
WinUAE.chm - [german] 0.2mb WinUAE helpfile (copy to WinUAE folder) Readme
Filename Size Description Info
AIAB r10b
AIAB-r10b.exe 4.0mb AIAB r10b Win95/98/NT installer Readme
r10b-update.zip 1.6mb Updates any AIABr10 to AIABr10b[INFO] Readme
AIAB r10a
AIAB-r10a.exe 3.9mb AIAB r10a Win95/98/NT installer Readme
AIAB-r10a.zip 0.5mb AIAB r10a Zip archive Readme
r10a-update.zip 0.5mb Updates AIABr10 to AIABr10a Readme
AIAB-r8.exe 3.7mb AIAB r8 Win95/98/NT installer Readme
AIAB-r8.zip 3.7mb AIAB r8 Zip archive Readme
MacAIAB-r8.sit 1.0mb AIAB r8 Sit archive (Mac)
AIAB r7a
AIAB-r7a.exe 3.6mb AIAB r7a Win95/98/NT installer Readme
AIAB-r7.exe 3.6mb AIAB r7 Win95/98/NT installer Readme
AIAB-r6.exe 3.4mb AIAB r6 Win95/98/NT installer Readme
AIAB-r6-update.exe 0.5mb AIAB r6 update Win95/98/NT installer Readme
AIAB r5b
AIAB-r5b.exe 3.3mb AIAB r5b Win95/98/NT installer Readme
AIAB-r5.exe 3.3mb AIAB r5 Win95/98/NT installer Readme
AIAB-r4.exe 3.6mb AIAB r4 Win95/98/NT installer Readme