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Quote Gloat: "AIAB - ook its cold up here!"

As in, 'Not The Nine O'clock News' - hahahhaha.....You're too funny James! This weeks Humble Pie mp3!

About This weeks Humble Pie mp3:
Title: Suvak Zajos - Test Drive II Remix.mp3 Source: amigaremix
Arranger: Suvak Zajos Submitted by: FOL
Composer: Kris Hatlelid

12/11/18: New Domain! - I am pleased to confirm a new domain name for this site: - FOL

6/12/14: Files Readded - I have readded all archive releases.

Everything should be working again, apart from GamePacks. - FOL

27/10/12: Files Removed - Due to some copyright issues regarding some files and packages, and these files/packages not having distribution permissions, all AIAB distributions have been removed temporarily.

They will be back up once the packages/files in question have been removed. - MadAngus

07/10/12: Site Fixed - Alllrrrrighty then, we have it folks sites all fixed up. We can now proceed to develop new page content/updates and new AIAB updates.

I'm hoping for a christmas release of AIAB 10.7, fingers crossed. - MadAngus

04/10/12: Site Fixes - Site links are all fixed up. I've moved all versions of AIAB to the archive section execpt r10.6. r10.6 will be the base development release for new update's and is being classified stable, I don't know how stable it is, but I need to draw the line somewhere. - MadAngus

01/10/12: Site Fixes - r10.5 files are now relinked on their own page see the archive section. link fixed. Couple of new r10d files uploded. Game packs links have been removed pending new permissions. - MadAngus

30/09/12: Quick Note - I have removed the link to the bleeding edge files for now, I will upload a new page with the listing in the next couple of days.. - MadAngus

30/09/12: Bleeding Edge Man - And the work begins. The last updated release by James is now available from the downloads page. I've also added a minor update to the installer package (latest rtg.library) which will get rid of the WinUAE nag screen. This will be the bases for a new version in time. You can grab the r10.5 files from here. Also fixed the links on this page and on the downloads page and gave the downloads page a little face lift whilst keeping the same style and theme.

Don't forget to grab the latest stable release of WinUAE 2.4.1 (09.05.2012) from the download page - MadAngus

20/06/12: Amiga In A Box Rehosted - I got fedup of not being able to find AIAB, I had been wanting to find a full backup, so I could rehost. When someone mentioned it on English Amiga Board, I decided to dig around and started to piece together the old site manually. It took me over a week to piece it mostly together, thankfully somone on EAB had a complete backup. They let me have the backup, so here it is in its complete form. I plan on updating it, just have'nt had the time yet. So please standby. - F0L

07/03/02: WINUAE 0.8.21r2 RELEASED! - Yay! After a period of several betas - during which time Toni Wilen painstakingly tweaked thousands of lines of code - WinUAE 0.8.21r2 is finally available for public download! This release includes lots of fixes to graphics, filesystem, networking, CD, and CPU code, so if you were experiencing problems before, grab it now, and be amazed at Toni's super-human efficiency! - James

23/02/02: WINUAE 0.8.21r1 RELEASED! - Wow! I've just received an email from new WinUAE maintainer, Toni Wilen, informing me that WinUAE 0.8.21r1 is publicly available - grab it now, from the new homepage! If the recent betas are anything to go by, it should be pretty stonking! More news on this soon...James

08/02/02: AIAB BACK IN BUSINESS! - Yippee! The metaphorical good ship, AIAB is back on course! After a relatively short spell in limbo, during which no-one was quite sure which way things were heading, captain James Maurice Battle is now fully in control of everyone's favourite, free Amiga distribution!

In other words, the data from my 'dead' harddrive has been successfully salvaged, and everything at this end is well and truely back to normal! I'd just like to thank everyone who has provided support over the last few weeks; in particular Murat, Andrew, and someone else who wished to remain anonymous. Furthermore a massive, massive 'thank you' to Jonathan, whose incredible patience and generosity has practically made this all possible.

I've already began updating and improving AIAB, so - work permitting - expect to see some new releases whenever I get the time! Take care folks, and thanks once again! - James

16/11/01: FEEBACK PLEASE! - Huh? Note that this has absolutely nothing to do with AIAB, but I'd just like for feedback a project on my uni site; its work-in-progress for some university group coursework that we're doing. Let me know what you think, Cheers! - James

Whahey!  A new screenshot...and a new background ;) 03/11/01: AIAB r10b AVAILABLE! - Yeah! I've finally merged the latest updates into the stand-alone AIAB packages, and am proud to announce that AIAB r10b is now available in EXE, ZIP, and RAR archives, with SIT and TAR formats to follow. This 'release' contains the usual fixes and program updates; the most significant being support for the new AHI features in the latest WinUAE. Check out this

3/11/01: WinUAE 0.8.17r3! - Crikey! - Brian just keeps on pumping 'em out! Here's the third release of WinUAE 0.8.17, straight out of the man's very own coding cooker. This update contains some important fixes; including mouse pointer trails and XP themes compatibility. Furthermore, it sees the introduction of Jose Gil's sound-sync code, the much anticipated AHI driver, and much more. So, does this mean a new AIAB update will be next? Who knows... in the mean time, grab WinUAE 0.8.17r3 here now! - James

26/10/01: HOLIDAY PHOTOS! - Yawn! - For those people who were remotely interested in where I buggered-off to between the 14th - 21st of September, there are some blury, oversized scans online here - Great! James

26/09/01: r10b UPDATE ONLINE! - Finally! - It's taken far too long to release, but AIAB fans should find enough improvements to make the rather chunky download worthwhile. As usual, theres a summary of the most recent changes - Cya! James

26/09/01: WinUAE 0.8.17r2! - Yummmy! - Heres another splendid WinUAE release, fresh from Brian! This release has all the usuall fixes you'd expect - including a squash for that horrible centering bug, grab it now! - James

17/09/01: IM (SORTA) BACK! - Mmmm! Well, Im back from my week in Gran Canaria, and what a wonderful week it was too! Anyway, its back to business now, as I attempt to settle into my student house in freezing Bradford. We've still yet to get any TV / Telephone / Internet sorted out yet, so it might take a while to reply to those emails, but be patient ;) Cya! - James

04/09/01: ON HOLIDAY! - Yippee! I'd just like to announce that I'll be on holiday for a week (the Canaries Islands, if anyone is interested...) from the 6th, before moving into a new house with my student buddies, so will be unable to use the internet for a while. Anyway, you can still email me, just dont expect a reply for a while ;) Cya! - James

Michael Own - hat-trick hero, England superstar! 01/09/01: GERMANY 1 - 5 ENGLAND! - Reeegh! An historic evening in Munich saw one of England's finest ever performances, and perhaps the heaviest defeat ever witnessed by a German team. A superb hat trick from Michael Owen, and goals from Liverpool team-mates Emile Heskey and Steven Gerrard (the later being a cracking strike from well outside the area), saw England thump Germany 5-1, in a performance that must leave fans pinching themselves in disbelief!

WINUAE 0.8.16r4 RELEASED! - Bloody 'el! Brian just keeps on churning them out! Well, you know the drill by now; winuae-changes.txt has the list of fixes/changes, and WinUAE0816R4.exe is the installer binary - fresh from the man himself ;) Cya! - James

29/05/01: WINUAE 0.8.16r3 RELEASED! - Crikey! Brian's just uploaded yet another updated WinUAE release! Lots of bug fixes in this one, so check out the changes> whilst downloading the WinUAE installer WinUAE0816R3.exe". - James

Use WinUAE's new JIT compilation in highly productive ways ;) 22/05/01: NEW AIAB STUFF! - Cor! An update for AIABr10 - which fixes some compatibility issues, aswell as upgrading a few things - is now available on the downloads page. Also available is the new AIAB-JIT archive, which makes use of the massive speed gain provided by WinUAE's new JIT compilation, to add a few 'fancy' effects (eye-candy) to your current Workbench setup. - Grab them both right now! - James

21/05/01: WINUAE 0.8.16r2 RELEASED! - Wow! Brian King just uploaded another WinUAE release, containing some important bug fixes. Download it, and check out the changes.

Expect some updates to the AIAB site reflecting the new WinUAE release, just as soon as I get the time! James

19/05/01: WINUAE 0.8.16r1 RELEASED! - Yippe! In the (second) biggest Amiga emulation story this year, I can official confirm that WinUAE 0.8.16r1 has today been released to the public! Grab your copy, and read the massive changes log.

Expect more news on the new WinUAE release in a few hours time! James

05/04/01: AIAB r10 RELEASED! - Eleven months, two version numbers, (and lots of baking) later, the finest tasting AmigaInABox is finally available for your hearty consumption; ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce AIAB r10.

An old screenshot (of r8) yes, but it still illustrates what can be achieved! This time around the emphasis is on configurablility; with the ability to change iconsets (did I mention GlowIcons?), GUI layouts, colour-schemes, and loads of other great stuff 'on the fly'. Yet, speed-freaks will still notice a definate performance increase in all aspects of the AmigaOS; with newer, faster programs and system library files. Compatibility with older software hasn't been overlooked either - got a program or game that wont run? Try dropping it onto AIAB's new Degrader tool, or better still, boot into the bare-bones MicroBench - a minimalists dream!

If you're still not convinced that this 'JIT-ready' AIAB release is for you, then the new mouse-wheel support, easier (!) installation, updated software, and improved stability - all documented in the r10 changes log - should be enough to grease your tins and get those downloads cooking! Just chose your preferred distribution format (Win9x/NT stand-alone installer, Zip/Rar archive, and now even Linux tar.gz package), install it and prepare for an unparalleled Amiga emulation experience! - James

Dont forget to keep an eye on the official AIAB message board and join the AIAB mailing-list to keep up-to-date with all the latest AIAB happenings!

Pretty good, huh?  Click for a larger version! 16/03/01: WHATS UP? - Oh man! You know, as sad as it might seem, Im really getting into a new hobby - baking! Here at Uni, I've been missing my mum's home cooking pretty badly, so decided to pop down the shops, and buy some ingredients - and now Im hooked!

Yummm... It started with just flapjacks, moved onto apple crumble, then cheese scones, and today I tried my hand at chocolate cake. [pictured here] Its just so cool, mixing up your stuff then watching it cook, and its a piece of piss to do aswell! Unfortunately, after all my peeps (here in halls) have tried some, Im not left with much for myself, oh well... ;(

Anyway, I just wanted to tell some people about how cool cooking is - hey, why not give it a try!

2/02/01: AIAB TRIBUTE ALBUM! - Rumours surrounding the future of AIAB have been spreading like wildfire, with famous celebrities even expressing their concern over its uncertainty. A recent article in a music magazine, however, tells the story of how stars used their fame to get the AIAB publicly recognised, with a soon to be released AIAB tribute album! Read the full story here. - James

31/01/01: R10 ANNOUNCED! - Whahey! After ten days agonising over the future of their favourite 3-and-a-bit meg download, AIAB fans can fret no more - AIABr10 is coming your way soon, and will almost certainly 'rock yer buns off'! 'Why jump a release number?' you may be asking - Who knows? Who cares! The fact is AIAB is still going! Cya! - James

21/01/01: R9 CANCELLED!? - Huh? Yeah, you read right peeps, AIAB R9 has officially been cancelled. Im sorry to have to break the news to you like this folks. More information regarding my decision will be added in the near future. James

29/12/00: AIAB FORUM OPENS! - Wow! Thats right folks, now you can post what you want on the brand new AIAB Discussion Board! Its magic! Although some of you had alright noticed that I changed the menu-bar along the side, I thought I ought to make it official ;) Anyway, take a look, and check back whenever you get the chance - you might learn something new, or get the chance to help someone else out ;) Speaking of which, big thanks to James 'JamboJim' Thomas for sorting out the cgi stuff for me. Dont forget to check out his site on EmuUnlim too (after you've seen the message board of course...). Cya later! - James

29/12/00: AIAB-2000r9 DELAYED! - Sorry peeps! Although I had promised to release AIABr9 by Christmas, it seems this was a little over-optimistic. Although its coming along nicely, theres still some important bits missing that I hope to get into the next release (e.g. GlowIcons). I may even hold out until WinUAE-JIT is released, so that AIAB can take full advantage of the massive speed gain.

So until then, keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the new year - Cya! James

Shamelessly obligatory Christmas graphic, knocked up in under a minute! 7/12/00: MERRY CHRISTMAS! - Ho Ho Ho! Its the festive season again; time for downing the shery, slapping litres of spray-cream on mircowave-burned minced pies, and generally greeting everyone with a warm smile and festive goodwill....ahhh.

Anyway, massive apologies to those people who have emailed me recently - Im sorry, I've just be so snowed under (hahaha!) with Uni work, and have been unable to reply. I expect we will be winding down soon though, so replies will definately get sent! I also plan to get AIABr9 out pretty soon (by Christmas anyway, so it'll give everyone something to do when the Queen is rattling on), and if that wasn't enough a brand new message board will also be getting added to the site, allowing users to keep up to date with all the latest AIAB tweaks, whilst helping out the less experienced newbies.

So stay warm and happy this Christmas, and I'll see you all soon - James!

30/10/00: EGROUPS MAIL-BOMB?! - It would seem that someone has mail-bombed the AIAB mailing-list. Quite why anyone would want to do this is a mystery - for a start there are only 133 members (at least there were at 23:56, I wouldn't be surprised to see this number drop as people unsubscribe, and frankly who can blame them?).

I whole-heartedly apologise for any inconvenience, as I feel partly to blame ;( Rest assured, myself and other members of the mailing-list have reported this incident to the egroups staff, and will try to ensure it doesnt happen again. Once again, sorry folks!

Check it! 27/10/00: CHECK IT, MAN! - Hoooo! (not hoare) - A guy in my block at Uni is in a 'band' (beat possey), givin' it large with some new choons, they're kickin'. Anyway, they're just starting-out in this cut-throat industry, and need some support. Please check out the beat possey site, listen to their mp3s and purchase some of their fantasic merchandise - Its 'da bomb.

11/10/00: AT UNIVERSITY! - Whahey! I've been up here in Bradford for around a month (which is why I've not done anything to the site....), and its great. I've more or less settled-in now, so things arent as hectic - I'll even be able to use the internet for free (so theres no excuses for not uploading new stuff...)!

Anyway, my address has obviously changed, so take a look at this page before sending up those 'thank-you' cheques (Im official a poor student now...). I've got a telephone in my room too, so if you have a query about something, give me a ring - if I'm in, I'll pick up.

Finally, I've been tinkering around (struggling) with RedHat Linux (6.1) recently, but am having a real nightmare. Perhaps its the wrong distribution for me? Anyway, I hear that RedHat 7 is out now, so if someone wants to do me a copy, and send it up....

27/08/00: AIAB LINUX! - Those Linux peeps who have been struggling to get AIAB working with *nixUAE (problems with file attributes etc.), should check out aiab-r10c.tar.gz from the downloads page, a 'ready made' package by none other than James 'JamboJim' Thomas. Cheers Jim!

17/08/00: EXAM RESULTS! - Yippee, today I went down to my school, (for probably the last ever time) to receieve my exam results. I did pretty well, getting 'B' grades in both Economics A-level, and Maths AS-level. Now with a total of 22 points, this basically means I'm off to Bradford - whahey! Big thanks to my Economics teacher Mrs Bhaskar, for having faith in me! ;)

Meanwhile, a major revelation regarding new JIT CPU code has been making waves amongst the UAE 'community'. Take a look at this article which suggests CPU speeds to rival 060-powered Amigas might not be too far away! Fingers crossed, huh?

Finally, one of the best multi-format music players on the Amiga has been ported to Windows! DeliPlayer can play over 130 obscure Amiga formats such as TMFX, Hippel, and Future Composer, all in crisp 16bit stereo sound. Chuck out those WinAMP plugins now!

AIAB - Amiga emulation at its best, and free to boot! 27/06/00: AIAB-2000 r8 RELEASED! - To celebrate the completion of my A-level exams, I'm proud to present the fastest AIAB setup ever! This release adds Scalos from Satanic Dreams, providing a faster, smoother and more configurable OS - arguably better than WB3.5! If that wasn't enough, the souped-up handling of LHA / LZX / ZIP archives, and UAE specific SysSpeed benchmarks, along with the usual tweaks, fixes and improvements, means theres something to appeal to everyone in r8! Check out this bumper list of changes for more information.

As ever, AIAB is available as a Win95/98/NT stand-alone installer, update programme and ZIP archive, and now even .RAR and .SIT formats (thanks Tiernan!). Anyway, take your pick, then read the AIAB installation guide whilst downloading.

Filename Size Description Info
Uploaded 26/06/00 AIAB-2000.exe 3.7mb AIAB-2000 (r8) Win95/98/NT installer Readme
Uploaded 26/06/00 AIAB-2000-Update.exe 0.4mb AIAB-2000 (r7a =>r8) Win95/98/NT updater Readme
Uploaded 26/06/00 3.8mb AIAB-2000 (r8) Zip archive Readme
Uploaded 26/06/00 AIAB-2000.rar 3.2mb AIAB-2000 (r8) Rar archive Readme
Uploaded 26/06/00 AIAB-2000.sit 4.0mb AIAB-2000 (r8) Sit archive (Mac) Readme
Uploaded 26/06/00 0.8mb AIAB-2000 Foreign languages upgrade INFO Readme

Finally, if you want to keep up-to-date with all the latest AIAB happenings, why not join the official AIAB mailing list? - Its great!

Shearaaaaaar 17/6/00: ENGLAND 1 - 0 GERMANY! - After thirty-four years of heartache, England finally buried the ghosts of previous tournaments, beating the old rivals, Germany, in a tense encounter in Chaleroi. Shearer answered chose the best way to answer his critics by scoring the winner - a super header that caught Kahn, the German 'keeper standing. The result means England still need to take a point off Romania on Tuesday, to enter the knockout stages. Good luck lads!

30/5/00: SCALOS IN R8! - Those wonderful chaps over at Satanic Dreams have given me permission to use their superb Workbench replacement Scalos in the next AIAB release. Scalos contains several Workbench functions re-written from scratch and optimised for GFX-cards, the result being a faster, smoother, more configurable OS - its little wonder Amiga INC. 'borrowed' most of the ideas from Scalos and implemented them into WB3.5; the difference being that you pay for WB3.5, yet AIAB is free....

16/5/00: HELP AGAIN? - After a less than successful appeal for AIAB fans around the world to search for the rare albums [listed below] (in other words Im still waiting....), I've requesting something else! This time, Im after a video called Zachariah - a 1970's comedy-western staring Don Johnson. If you have it, or can get it, please email me now - I'll make it worth your while!

Oh, also take a look at this page for some captures of me doing kick-ups and twatting my mate George in the face....;)

15/4/00: CAN YOU HELP? - Lots of emails have been coming in from chuffed AIAB users, asking how they can show their gratitude. Usually, I just write back saying "Thanks, but Im happy to do AIAB for nothing", however there is one way you could help me out!

You see, Im a big fan of '70s hard rock, but this kind of music is impossible to get hold of in the UK. If you live in the US however, its easy to find. Im therefore calling people in the States (and elsewhere) to check their local music stores for these albums:

  • "Rock On", by Humble Pie - (recently re-released)
  • "Eat It", by Humble Pie

If you can get hold of any of these albums, please email me! I'll pay good money for them! - Thanks, James.

AIAB - Amiga emulation at its best, and free to boot! 07/04/00: AIAB-2000 r7 RELEASED! - Crikey! Its been four months since the last AIAB release! Dont threat though, this 'best ever' version, is certainly well worth the wait! The main addition to this release is the magnificent Directory Opus 4.14 - a new version of arguably the best file-manager ever made. However, theres also loads of new programmes (including a great benchmark tool), support for the next WinUAE release (whenever that will be), bugfixes, improvements, and even a work-around for Amiga Forever users to experience the unique AIAB feel! Those who like to know about every change and tweak however, should guzzle this list of Choca Changes for more information.

As always, AIAB is available as a Win95/98/NT stand-alone installer, or a ZIP archive (which ought to allow MacUAE and LinuxUAE users to give AIAB a try). Anyway, take your pick, then read the AIAB installation guide whilst downloading.

Filename Size Description Info
Uploaded 07/04/00 AIAB-2000.exe 3.6mb AIAB-2000 (r7) Win95/98/NT installer Readme
Uploaded 07/04/00 3.7mb AIAB-2000 (r7) Zip archive (eg: Mac/Linux) Readme

Finally, if you wish to keep up-to-date with all the latest AIAB happenings, why not join the official AIAB mailing list? - Its great!

Iwan Roberts - Wales No.9! 19/3/00: IPSWICH 0 - 2 NORWICH! - A great day for Canaries fans, as Iwan Roberts bagged both goals for city in a cracking game against the Ipswich scum. This piles extra pressure on the Suffolk side - who have taken just two points from the last six games - as Man City drew at Charlton to go 2nd in the league. Basically the scum will probably have to settle for the play-offs, (which they will bottle), and finally wave goodbye to Richard Wright (Shite). Haahaha!

Ahhhh, my lovely Morris 1100 13/3/00: CAR GRABS! - Today I've been experimenting with my Dad's new DV Camcorder, and in true 'hmmm... what shall I film?' fashion have taken some shoddy footage of my first (and current) car, the Morris 1100 for you all to see. This 70's model bears several resemblances to a Mini, however this classic Morris has a touch more style than its '10-a-penny' smaller brother. Anyway, take a look at this page and tell me what you think of him/her!

10/2/00: DOPUS BACK IN R7! - Thats right my friends, Directory Opus - arguably the finest Amiga programme ever written - is coming back to AIAB, and this time its staying! Major thanks have to go to GPsoft for allowing me to include this fantastic piece of software in the AIAB archives. However, if that isn't enough for you (!), the usual dose of tweaks and improvements will ensure AIAB stays fresh and up-to-date. Anyway, if all goes according to plan AIAB-2000 r7 will be available before the end of the month.

15/1/00: HASTA LUEGO! - Due to reasons beyond my control, I am no longer able to use the net from home. This basically means there will be very few updates (if any) to the site for the time being, and any replies to email I recieve will have to be written at school (ie: might take a while, so dont send me any unless its really necessary). However, if you want to help me out by contributing to my net fees, Im always grateful to recieve donations, however small, at this address.

15/1/00: USE AIAB ON A MAC! - Okay, okay, this might not be ground breaking stuff if you know your way around a Mac (and an Amiga), but I've had quite a few emails from quering Mac users wondering if Im ever going to make an AIAB archive that works with MacUAE. Well thanks to the wonderful tutorial by Tiernan Hubble it would seem I dont need to! Click here to take a peek!

04/1/00: HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Welcome to the new Millenium! (or not as the boffs keep telling us....) I hope everyone got lots of presies from Santa, and didnt end up too pissed on 31st. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those great people from Norway, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Holland, France and Sweden who offered me a bed in thier home country...whilst meanwhile express my disappointment at the complete lack of offers from fellow Brits...grrr what happened to the "Great British hospitality"?

As it happened, I went down to London with an 'acquaintance' (who Im indebted to for life...) and had a thoroughly good time (even though I have no memory of what happened between 12am-6am), heck, I even checked out the Millenium Dome - what a complete waste of ?800m that was! It makes me ashamed to be British when my Government is frittering away millions on an oversized marquee filled with patheticly vague 'Zones', whilst just a few miles away, countless poor souls are sleeping on the streets, homeless, with no way out.

Jaybee's Opinion: "The Money should have marked the new Millenium by offering the poor and needy a fresh start."

New GUI scheme, transparent menus, and multi-language support - just some of the features in the new AIAB-2000 release. 27/11/99: AIAB-2000 r6 RELEASED! - Whahey, can you believe its been two whole months since the last major release?! Well this one should be well worth the wait; Not only has the whole GUI been tweaked and improved, but new programs have been added, (such as a splendid PAC-Man clone), and old favourites updated. In fact, theres a whole miriard of little, and not so little improvements in R6, so take a peek at this list of chunky changes.

But if that wasn't enough to oil your wick, just wait until you see the all new AIAB-Languages pack, bringing multi-lingual support to your favourite Amiga setup. Thats right folks, if you're a foreigner and have struggled to understand the English text used in AIAB, just grab this upgrade and watch in amazement as the misty-haze of gobbledigook clears, to reveal a fully translated Workbench - Bonza!!

Anyway, all this great new stuff is available below, including the infamous AIAB-Update programme, which (you'll be surprised to learn), updates the previous release to the latest version, saving a fair bit of download time ;) - Take you're pick Alfie:

Filename Size Description Info
Uploaded 27/11/99 AIAB-2000.exe 3.4mb AIAB-2000 (r6) Win95/98/NT installer Readme
Uploaded 27/11/99 3.4mb AIAB-2000 (r6) Zip archive (eg: Mac/Linux) Readme
Uploaded 27/11/99 AIAB-2000-Update.exe 0.3mb AIAB-2000 (r5b==>r6) Win95/98/NT updater Readme
Uploaded 22/11/99 0.7mb AIAB-2000 Foreign languages upgrade INFO Readme

29/10/99: 'PINBALL DREAMS' GAME UPGRADE! - Wow! The third AIAB game upgrade in as many weeks?! This time around its the sensational Pinball Dreams courtesy of Digital Illusions, so dont delay in heading for the Downloads area! If that wasn't enough, fans of the game can also grab the titlescreen music (playable in WinAMP), from the features page for an extra treat.

20/10/99: 'MEGALOMANIA' BACK ONLINE! - Yippee! Perhaps the most wished-for game is back in the AIAB downloads area, after a lengthy absence. In case you didnt know, this version works 100% in WinUAE. Im not going to explain why its back here, (look at the readme for that), just by glad this supreme classic is available ;) - So jump to the Downloads area now!

14/10/99: WINUAE088R8 RELEASED! - Just when you though Brian had disappeared, he rears his supremely gorgeous head & lobs a new release our way. This 'beaut' has a changes list to rival the Man Utd. Worthington cup team-sheet (weee!), with completely rewritten, 100% accurate MIDI code, aswell as improvements to the Picasso96 stuff. If that wasn't enough, the XEN boopsi class now works without a glitch on P96 screens, meaning you can follow this tutorial. Basically, its the bollocks, & should be downloaded now!

09/10/99: 'BEAST' GAME UPGRADE! - Whahey! At last, a new games upgrade! This time round its Psygnosis' classic, Shadow Of The Beast, released a whole 10 years ago. This will hopefully be the first game upgrade of the Beast trilogy, all of which will work perfectly in WinUAE, without having to mess around with 'slow' CPU setting. - Jump to the Downloads area now!

23/07/99: ANOTHER MP3 SNIPET! - You bet ;) Fans of so-called "generic 70's rock" (MrF) will no doubt have heard of the legendary super-band Humble Pie, famous for their incredible live gigs. In this MP3 snipet, taken from a performance in San Fransisco (home of Ironside no less.... ;) from 1973, Steve Marriot demonstrates his remarkable guitar skills. If like MrF, you prefer "music" of the computer-based, sequenced variety I beg you to give this clip a listen - ask yourself if any bands you know could give such a powerful performance. Is it any wonder im a 70s throwback? ....I dont think so ;))) Download a snipet from "C'mon Everybody" by Humble Pie.

11/07/99: GETTING A TAN! - After a sluggish start, this summer looks like it will be one of the hottest England has seen for quite a while. So, rather than sit couped-up in my room improving AIAB, I've decided to spend my holiday in the garden, topping-up the tan ;)

10/07/99: AIAB-2000 r4 & NEW UPGRADES RELEASED! - Thats right, my recent upload-fest finished today, meaning the eagrely anticipated (?) AIAB-2000 r4 release is now available in the downloads area. If you're debating whether or not to get it, read whats new in the r4 release notes. As per usual, AIAB-2000 r4 is available in Zip archive or Win95/98/NT installer.

About the new release: This latest version will not be available in "tune-up" form, as too many things have changed since the previous version. For similar reasons, I recommend you install this AIAB release "fresh", unless you really know what you are doing. I am considering dropping the "tune-up" archive in future versions, since its too much hassle, email me if you want to convince me otherwise.

Those new to Amiga emulation or AIAB might also be interested in the new application upgrade packs. Archives devoted to music, the internet and Mac emulation are available, with more to come soon. More information on these special packs can be found in the features area, along with screengrabs to illustrate what can be achieved with each one.

09/07/99: NEW IRONSIDE MP3 ONLINE! - As if you care, huh? Well now that Wimbledon and the golf have finished, Ironside is back on BBC1 (whahey!), giving me a chance to sample background music, bung it on the site and make the net a funkier place B). Anyway, heres a snipet of some of the best 'layed-back-funk' ever written. Download Ironside-2.mp3 [350k]

02/07/99: PLAYING HALF-LIFE! (AGAIN) - Sorry peeps, ive been playing Half-Life recently (playing the "SS-Darkstar" mission, and of course completing the original levels again...well at least upto the alien planet levels, by which time the game suddenly 'goes all wrong'). Anyway, for this reason the AIAB r4 archive has been delayed for a week or so....ooooooh!

20/06/99: AIAB FOR AMIGA FOREVER! - Whoopey, its here! The long awaited AIAB 'add-on' for Cloanto's AmigaForever is ready for download. As per usual, you will find a Zip archive (to be extracted to your AmigaForever folder) or a Win32 installer, so depending on your 'PC-Skillz' head for the downloads page now, and give your current emulation setup a much needed facelift!

10/06/99: NEWS 'EL SITE-O' - Thanks to Chris for tweaking the logo, Ive been meaning to do this for ages, but never got round to it..... guess I dont have to anymore ;) Also, dont forget to vote with the new poll - It'll make AIAB even better!

02/06/99: CODIES BUY SENSI! - That right! SensibleSoftware, whom were supposedly no more, have been acquired by CodeMasters! Both companies began life in a bedroom, and more or less, develop under the same ethos - making *ORIGINAL* games which are superb to play and just feel so 'right'. Hopefully, this will mean the release of Sensi's "Sex, Drugs & Rock'N'Roll", which due to its risque content, frightend big companies away. Good Luck to Sensi & the Codies! Read more about the acquisition here.

01/06/99: REQUEST AN MP3! - For those of you who dont know me personally, I occasionally lug my PC downstairs, and sample stuff off the T.V. As a result Ive built up a collection of MP3's from programmes like "TheAdam&JoeShow", "TV-Offal", "StellaStreet", "Ironside", "TheModSquad", "JoolsHolland", even "FamilyFortunes". All the samples are 16bit, 44khz and really nice and crisp. So, for all you UK people out there, who know the shows im talking about, why not email me requesting an MP3! If im feeling really nice, I might even sample something off the T.V. especially! As a treat, heres the music they use in Countdown.

19/05/99: AIAB-2000 r3.1 RELEASED! - Yup, the latest, (and probably the best) AIAB setup ever made, is now available for download. It includes newer utilities, a nice new home-made background, and Falk Schwanke's superb "RomFind" utility. This release has been trimmed down slightly, weighing in at around 3.6mb. Download AIAB-2000 r3.1 now!

But why r3.1 and not r4? Well, to be honest, the changes arent significant enough for an "r4" archive - for this reason, only the Windows installer will be updated, (ie: no zip or tune-ups). I have A-level exams in a few weeks time and wanted to make the best AIAB archive available, since I (probably) wont "do" any internet for a while - this might even be the last AIAB-2000 main archive!

18/05/99: AIAB-SHAPESHIFTER UPDATED! - This popular archive has been tweaked slightly to use the new "ShapeShifter Support" option of WinUAE 0.8.8r5. This basically means PrepareEmul no longer needs to be executed, and hence the Amiga doesnt have to reboot. As before, you'll require a MAC Rom, and a System 7/8 hardfile to use ShapeShifter. If anyone fancies putting together a hardfile especially for AIAB, please let me know - im no good with MACs, so I promise to make it worth you're while. ;))

11/05/99: PERMISSION REQUEST REPLIES! - Top *English* ex-Amiga game developers Magnetic Fields have allowed me to use another classic - SuperCars II - on this site, a request has now been sent to Gremlin so fingers crossed, AIAB-fans should see it here soon! Although Bobic reckons SuperCars II works fine in WinUAE, my ADFs seem to suggest otherwise, anyway.....

10/05/99: NEW KICK-SEARCHER FINISHED! - Falk Schwanke has been working like some crazy trojan* on a much better version of "RomFind" Weighing in at around 20k, its far smaller, and *alot* nicer than all other efforts. RomFind will be included and automatically executed in the AIAB-2000 installer, meaning AIAB can pretty much be used 'out of the box' ;)) Big thanks to Falk

* Quoted from The Day Today - ie: nothing to do with the Trojan virus

09/05/99: WINUAE 0.8.8R5 OUT! - Brian King has put a new release of WinUAE on his site for download. As per usual, various bugs have been ironed out, and new features added - such as a neat "ShapeShifter Support" option! Knab WinUAE 0.8.8r5 now!

22/04/99: MORE PERMISSION REQUESTS SENT! Ive decided to resume my attempts of gaining permission to use custom made, HD-installed games on this site. Emails have been sent to several companies, so hopefully AIAB fans will soon be able to play such classics as MegaLoMania, Apidya, or SWOS perfectly in WinUAE - fingers crossed....

PROBLEMS WITH AIAB AND NEW WINUAE? It has been bought to my attention that some of the HD-installed AIAB game upgrades run less than perfectly using release 0.8.8 of WinUAE. This is mainly due to the new WinUAE config-file method, and can be easily solved. If you experience problems with Unreal, simply select "Full-ECS" in the WinUAE display options dialogue after loading the Unreal config-file - the endless "stipey lines" will disappear, and the game will work fine.

07/04/99: WINUAE 0.8.8r3 RELEASED! Hot on the heels of the second release, WinUAE 0.8.8.r3 includes the usual bug-fixes, such as fixed CPU speed for Cyrix users, aswell as a cool new MIDI feature. Download WinUAE 0.8.8r2.

07/04/99: UPDATES GALORE! AIAB 2000 release 3 is available, in Installer, Full ZIP archive, and Tune-up ZIP archive form. Its not much different, but a few things have been added to comply with WinUAE 0.8.8. Ive also tweaked the copy files script to work with ANY Workbench ADF, however I still recommend only Workbench 3.1 is used....just to make sure ;)

NEW PHONELINE ?! You may have noticed that Ive not been 'around' lately, both in terms of page updates, or email replies, this is due to a MASSIVE phonebill, which has forced my Dad to prevent me using inet ;( However, I may soon be getting my own phoneline, [cheers] which will put me firmly back in the Ami-EMU-Scene....(contributions always welcome)

02/04/99: NEW WINUAE RELEASED! Whahey! Good 'ol Bri' (as his mates call him....;) has finally released a new WinUAE. Version 0.8.8r1 introduces AGA custom chip support, proper NTSC display/timing, CPU/Picasso96 speed-ups, and a few other new features. Don't get too exited though, the AGA code still needs a lot of work, and really slows down the emulation - still, its a start!

Jaybee's Opinion: Dont get me wrong, WinUAE is the bollocks (that means "good" for non-Brits...), and Tony should be congratulated for making AGA emulation possible. But the Amiga 'emu scene is already shagged-up with leachers hanging around discussion boards and newsgroups asking "someone has romz to send?". The birth of AGA emulation will inevitably produce more UAE fans, the majority of which will be newbies.....sure, everyone has to start somewhere, and I would have no problem if most of the UAE-virgins [shudder] bothered to read the docs or, made good use of a web browser to gain knowledge, but the truth is they dont, and they wont - instead they'll send hundreds of emails to Brian (probably a few to me too...), and post even more 'please email me' messages on our discussion boards. Amiga emulation - cant live with it....cant live without it ;( Am I a totally arrogant loser?... let me know!

26/02/99: DAVE PLEASANCE SITED! Yes, Jeremy Beadle's hairer cousin has been spotted by MrFujisawa! Dave himself appears to have put the managerial aspect of his career on hold, presumably to allow time for his first love - semi-amature wrestling. Check-out the crap links area for more info and a scan of Dave from a recent promotion flyer.

23/02/99: AIAB 2000 INSTALLER DEBUTS! In a bid to make AIAB 'feel' more professional (!), I have put together an executable Windows installer. Not only should this help WinUAE newbies, but it'll also save on download time - the executable is surprisingly 100k smaller than the zip! I'll continue to update the zip archives too, so MAC/Linux UAE-ers need not worry ;) Jump to the downloads area.

20/02/99: DALE WINTON MP3 ADDED ON LINKS PAGE! You just cant get enough of him can you? Heres a hilarious piss-take song sampled from 'TV-Offal', If you are British, its bound to make you laugh. Goto the links page and have a listen!